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Training designed for how dogs learn

Dogs learn best in familiar, comfortable environments with few distractions, so GoodPup training happens at home. Short, focused sessions allow your dog to concentrate and guided daily practice quickly cements new skills.

Train on your schedule

Private, video call sessions with your trainer are available any day of the week. Between sessions, use GoodPup’s illustrated practice guides and chat with your trainer whenever you have questions.

With GoodPup, schedule training sessions when they work best for you.
Learn how to train your dog with GoodPup.

Stay motivated and build better relationships

Training is a great way to bond with your dog - so include the whole family! Quick, fun, daily practice stimulates your dog’s mind and encourages good behavior. Your trainer checks in throughout the week to see how everyone’s doing.

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Brief assessment

Answer a few questions about your dog and build the perfect training program.

Schedule a session

Schedule your first video call with your trainer — typically within 24 hours.

Start training

Full access to GoodPup, free, for 7 days. Including your first video call session and 24/7 chat with our trainers.

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Personalized training for every dog

Whether your puppy needs help potty training or your adult dog struggles with bad behavior like jumping and play biting, we build a training plan just for you. GoodPup is the best way to train all ages, breeds, and behaviors.

Learn how to train your dog to Name with GoodPup.


GoodPup 101

Learn how to train your dog to Sit with GoodPup.


GoodPup 101

Learn how to train your dog to Touch with GoodPup.


GoodPup 101

Learn how to train your dog to Biting & Chewing with GoodPup.

Biting & Chewing

GoodPup 101

Learn how to train your dog to Stay with GoodPup.


GoodPup 101

Learn how to train your dog to Heel with GoodPup.


GoodPup 101

Learn how to train your dog to Jumping with GoodPup.


GoodPup 101

Learn how to train your dog to Spot with GoodPup.


GoodPup 101

Build Your Training Plan

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  • Personalized training plan that moves at your pace

  • Weekly, private, 1-1 training sessions with your GoodPup trainer

  • 24/7 chat with your trainer and GoodPup’s training and veterinary team

  • Daily guided practice and progress check-ins with your trainer

GoodPup’s Better Training Promise

If at any time during your first month you aren’t satisfied with GoodPup, we’ll give you a full refund.

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